Advisory Board

Camp’s Advisory Board

One More Way We Support Camp

Grover often said, “This is your ranch.” It is in that spirit that many friends of the Bar 717 volunteer to help their camp flourish. Volunteerism is just one more way that Camp Trinity widens its circle to include those who want to help. Among many contributions, volunteers have hosted open houses, produced a beautiful CD of camp songs, served as resource staff, compiled the camp songbook, helped design Camp’s new website, made gifts to the Campership Fund, and assisted with ranch projects at annual work weekends.

Another way people volunteer is by serving on the Camp Advisory Board. Formed in 2012, this 20-member advisory group assists Camp with its outreach efforts, raises donations for the Campership Fund and tackles a myriad of special projects to help grow and perpetuate Camp. It’s important to note that the board has only an advisory function. It is not a governing board and makes no decisions regarding the operation of Camp. We leave that to Kent, Gretchen, and Laura. The board works behind the scenes to assist Camp and foster a greater sense of a shared Camp community.

Members of the Bar 717 Ranch Advisory Board

Members of the Bar 717 Ranch Advisory Board

The board comes together twice each year to plan, strategize, and monitor progress. The board’s accomplishments are many, and range from redesigning camp’s website, to creating an electronic version of Campservations, to revitalizing the Campership Program and raising more than $80,000 (so far) so that more children from lower-income families can attend Camp. One of our goals for 2015 is to reach out to more Camp alums. If you would like to learn more about the Advisory Board or other volunteer opportunities, please contact Kent.

Kent often says, “There’s a lot of work to do.” And that’s what Camp volunteers do. We work, have fun and deepen friendships.

Current Members

  • Brian Armstrong
  • Emma Bundy
  • Jeff Conway
  • Julie Conway
  • Drew Glikbarg
  • Erin Haendel
  • Hope Haves
  • Anne Marie Krivens
  • Mischa Hedges
  • Doug Hutcheon
  • Deborah Ivie
  • Laurie Leighty
  • Wendy Manley
  • Alison Polkinhorne
  • Dave Polkinhorne
  • David Rosenstein
  • Kate Seely
  • Bob Small
  • Lisa Szilagyi
  • Rob Szilagyi