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After 85 years, the time has come to rebuild camp’s kitchen.

Our kitchen has served us well, but it is showing its age. It will soon be unable to sustain the operation of camp and must be rebuilt. This is the biggest camp project in decades and needs support.

We invite you to Pitch In for the Kitchen to raise $200,000 for this historical project.

Help us prepare for a promising future!

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Plans for a New Kitchen

The Kitchen is the most used building at Camp and has served us well for some 85 years, but the increasing challenges of preparing food for large groups of campers in a structure in need of continual repair have nearly reached a breaking point.  The current Kitchen will soon be unable to sustain the operation of camp.  It is therefore with particular joy that we present plans for a new Kitchen at Camp Trinity.  The hours spent patching it together each spring, the cramped and inefficient work spaces, and the sweaty Kitchen crew on sweltering afternoons will be only fading memories.  In about two years time, the insides of the Kitchen will modernize by decades, while the outside will retain the general design and rustic style that characterizes the buildings around the ranch.

The general configuration of the building and its footprint will not change substantially.  The varied roofline, board and bat construction, and the food signs over the window will retain the homey feel we love.  Hungry campers will retrieve food, return dishes, and chat with the cooks through the front windows much the same as they do now.   An awning will provide some protection over the condiment tables.  Two new restrooms adjacent Leedy Lodge will conveniently reduce the time away for nature calls.  And, you may not notice, but we will be relieved when rain water drains away from, rather than into, the building.

Within the building, some aspects of the basic layout will remain the same, with the cooking, galley and bakery areas in the same general locations, but work areas and storage spaces will be reconfigured to improve efficiencies in food preparation, cooking and dish washing.  A well organized, central pantry will allow supplies to be easily delivered, inventoried and retrieved.  A larger walk-in refrigerator and new walk-in freezer will provide much-needed cold-storage space.  Modern dishwashing and sanitation equipment will speed cleanup.  New plumbing will not be prone to clogging and freezing.  And, all on one level in an energy efficient building with proper heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical systems.


The new kitchen will feature:

  • An energy efficient building with proper heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical systems
  • New stoves & expanded refrigerator and freezer
  • Reliable equipment and infrastructure
  • Same general layout, board and bat construction, stepped roofline
  • Same window interface with campers
  • Rustic on the outside, comfortable and efficient on the inside

The Kitchen and the Eating Platform form our central gathering place for daily announcements, evening songs and marshmallow roasting around the corner fireplace — the heart and hearth of Camp.  The design of the New Kitchen is crucial to its function as a gathering place for the camp community.   We are fortunate to have as a partner on this project, Jack Freeman, architect and former camp counselor.  Jack understand the vital role the Kitchen plays in the camp community, and is committed to preserving the character of this gathering place.  The new design both honors the Kitchen’s place in the community and enables it to function more efficiently in serving many future decades of hungry campers.

Many Hands Make Light Work

The cost to design and construct the new kitchen and eating platform is estimated to be $1 million. It will be funded through camp operations and a construction loan.

Due to the magnitude of the project, a number of camp volunteers have come together to seek the support of other friends of the Bar 717 to raise $200,000 or more for the kitchen equipment (stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwasher, bakery equipment, and more). Wherever possible, the existing equipment will be refurbished and used in the new kitchen.

Please join the Camp Trinity Advisory Board, alumni and other friends of Camp and Pitch In for the Kitchen.

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