Donor Roll

With the help of 125 generous donors, we have already raised $134,317 – 67% of our campaign goal. We’ve received donations from campers, parents, and alumni and heard moving stories of campers choosing to donate money received for the holidays and families joining together to make contributions in honor of a loved one. Below are the names of the generous contributors who are helping to make this project a reality. Join us and pitch in for the kitchen!

Heather Abel Catherine Kordesch and David Fryefield
Lissy Abraham Carolyn Korman
Gregory Alarid Paul Kroskrity and Martha Hertzberg
Peter and Lorena Alperin Molly Lague and Darren Domingue
Brian and Caroline Armstrong Fran and John Latham
Deborah Armstrong and Doug Ball Robert Leichner
Susan Ashley Laurie Leighty
Dan Asimow and LeAnn Bischoff Nora Lerer
Jay and Virginia Badenhope Ashley Lewis
Alison Ball David and Lisa Lewis
Benjamin Family Hongli Li and Lin Liu
Tiffani Barnum Kim & Wayne Linse
Bryan Bergman Ruben and Rose Luna
Dara Berk and Mitch Hoadley Derraugh Manion and James Dawson
Glenn Berkovitz & Family Alicia Manley
Kent and Nancy Beyda Wendy Manley and Dave Daikh
Wendy Billy Michael Marshall and Melissa Palmer
Megan Bomba Gayle McCallum
Barbara Bond and Karie Frasch Alexandra McClure and Blake Hayward
Judy Boock Davis The McGill Family
Bertha Borin Jim and Jean Michaels
Kelly and Phillipe Bossut Rita Moriarty
Stephen Boyd Susan Munson
Margo Bradish Michael Murray
Kristen and Nate Brooks Susanne and David Newswanger
Brownrigg-Thomson Family Chester Nierenberg
Emma Bundy and Sam Grossman Tori Nourafchan and David Rosenstein
Stephen Bundy Peter O’Grady
Daniel and Virginia Burke Wayne and Sam Ogston
Scott Burns Tate and Cyrus Oliva
John and Elizabeth Calmeyer Patty Pagan and Bobby Kornhandler
Marc Korody Canas Nicki Parr
Christopher Capels James Pepper
Arly Cassidy Dale Perkins
Sheila Cepero and Niall Wall Ronnie Perkins-Connell
Chatroux Family Karen Perkins
Kimberly Chisholm-Ford and Bill Chisholm Deborah Perkins-Kalama
Elaine Chiu Andy and Vicki Philips
Bruce and Eve Collard Jesse Philips and Susan Madley
Kent and Gretchen Collard Nathan and Robin Philips
Laura Collins and Sean Theberge Rodger Philips
Cynthia Colvin Alison and Dave Polkinhorne
Isabel Conlon Liza Preminger
Julie and Jeff Conway Micah Press
Patrick and Cathleen Decarolis Marni and John Rapf
The Deem Family Regina Rastall
Samantha Dorsey Marcus Redding
Abigail Dotson Grant Riley
Family of Audrey Douglas Barbara Robertson
Michael Drabkin and Delta Wright Maria and Danny Roden
Katherine (Kit) Dreyfuss Ellen Roggemann
April Durrett David and Lisa Rosen
Kathleen Edwards Evan Rosenbluth
Sydney Elliott Vaal Rothman and Deb Ivie
Katherine Epstein Samantha Sackin
John Fenley June Sale
Justine Flaster & Family Nancy Sale
Nick and Jean Fleming Alex and George Salden
Megan Fletcher Beverly Schacherbauer
Reuben Flores Geraldine Seal
Shira Flores Janice and Geoffry Sears
Freeman and Diana Ford Kate Seely
Clyde and Peggy Froelich Judy Shapiro
Nina Furukawa Julian Shrago
Cy Gage Bob Small
Teresa Gisske Sarah, Rebecca, and Eric Small
Drew and Lisa Glikbarg Matthew Smith
Gina Goldman Zoe Lynn Smith
Jennifer Goldsmith and Nowell Grossman Shawn Steel
Phil Greenberg Karen Sternstein
Erin Haendel and Max Kornell Hilary Swift
Rob and Julie Hamilton Lisa and Rob Szilagyi
Jacob Hanft DeeDee Taft
Hope Haves and Tessa Westfall Sasha Tarnopolsky
Mischa Hedges and Lillie Dignan Jean Thompson
Don Henfling Katherine and Dirk Unger
David Hessl Everett Watterson
Anne and David Hinckle Jim & Lynne Weddell
Jennifer Hirsh Jeremy Weitz and Emily Stern
Peter, Karen, and Hanna Holmes Connie Wendt
Chuck Hoover and Ann Bowman Jennifer and Matt Werner
Lynn Hornig and Stephen Schwartz Sarah and Scott Wessel
Doug Hutcheon and Allison Henry Kevin Westbrooke
Nancy A Hutcheon Zoe Williams
Ann Louise Johansson and Neil Wessel Janet Winans
Julieann Johnson Elaine Wittert
Craig and Erika Jurney Sam Yoder
Martha and Jeff Kahane Arthur and Kathryn Zwern
Julian Katz  
Keegan-Price Family  
Michael Kessler  
David Kiel and Amy Miller  
Gaylen and Mark Kimbell  
Kate Grabel Kimberlin