Kitchen FAQ

Do you have questions about the kitchen project? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions…

Why is the kitchen being rebuilt? Can’t you just remodel it? show

Camp’s kitchen is exhibiting the effects of age, wear and tear. Repairs are needed more frequently and are more difficult to achieve. The space has been expanded and remodeled on numerous occasions to add storage and refrigeration, but the overall workspace remains cramped and inefficient. Infrastructure – electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling/ventilation – were not designed to serve the current capacity, are expensive to operate and maintain, and are failing. The expense and disruption required to address these issues in a piecemeal fashion rules out a remodel. It’s time to replace the structure to serve campers for the next 80 years.

What are the plans like? We don’t want a fancy modern kitchen; that would ruin everything! show

We agree!! Well, almost -- we desperately need modern, energy efficient, reliable infrastructure, equipment and appliances. But, we recognize the kitchen and dining platform are the center of the camp community, and so a great deal of thought has gone into designing a kitchen that retains the feel of camp. It won’t be rustic on the inside, but it won’t be harsh and institutional either. It will feel much the same for campers and visitors. We’ll keep the same general layout, board and bat exterior, stepped roof line, and of course the serving windows and overhead signs. Have you looked at the artist’s renderings on the main Kitchen page.

Do the cooks think this is a good idea? What will Marlys think?? show

Marlys has the unique perspective of having cooked in the kitchen (and its former, smaller configurations) for 50 years. In fact, she recommended a new kitchen years (decades?) ago. She said it’s past time. She was so right!

Tara, the current cook, is very excited about the renovation. She and her staff look forward to producing the same great food with much greater efficiency and comfort (have you ever been in the kitchen on a hot day?)

Who is doing the design? show

Director Kent Collard and Jack Freeman have been working closely together to prepare the plans. Both are architects. Kent designed and built his beautiful home next to the Trading Post. Jack has designing buildings, including some large scale kitchens, for a quarter century. Best of all, he is a former camp counselor (and married another camp counselor/long-term camper), so he deeply understands the Camp way. He lives in Eureka. Both Kent and Jack recognize that how special and central the kitchen and eating platform are to the soul of Camp, and are committed to keeping the character and feel alive in the new kitchen.

What about the oak trees? show

We know the oak trees provide a great deal of the charm to the dining platform. Their grand canopy has graced tens of thousands of meals. The tree by Leedy Lodge will remain, but unfortunately, the tree trying to get in through the kitchen door will need to be removed. It is nearing the end of its lifespan, and the project cannot be done without damaging its root system and compromising its structural integrity. We will all shed tears when it comes down, but it probably would not survive the project and could become a hazard. After construction, we plan to plant a young tree alongside the eating platform to shade campers in the decades to come.

How long will it take? Will camp be closed next year? show

Kent and Jack are carefully planning the project so that camp will not be disrupted. Assuming that sufficient donations can be secured in time, the current structure will be torn down immediately after Family Camp in August, 2017, and construction will proceed with all haste throughout the winter of 2017-2018. After an opening celebration in June, 2018, regular sessions will begin as usual.

This is a really big project for Camp. How will Camp pay for it? show

This IS a really big project, and kitchens are very expensive. Current estimates are on the order of $1 Million. As a small, family-run business, Camp does not have the resources to pay for the project all at once, and so will need to take out a loan in addition to using its reserves -- reserves that diminished with the fires and closure in 2015. However, Camper alumni, counselors, and other members of the extended Camp Community are excited for the opportunity to give back to camp and contribute to building the kitchen that will be the hearth of Camp Trinity for the next 85 years. Their commitment is strong - in just 3 years, the Camp Community has raised nearly $75,000 for the Campership Fund to make camp accessible to those of limited means.

The Camp Advisory Board stepped up to coordinate contributions to the new kitchen, setting a target of $200,000 to raise from the extended Camp Community. All members of the board have pledged to support this effort. Will you join us?

What if the Camp Community raises more than $200,000? show

If that happens, we will go up on Friendship Hill and whoop and holler in celebration! Then, additional funds will be used for the installation of all the fabulous equipment donations have supported.

How can I help? show

You can donate directly to the Kitchen Fund or participate in any of the fund-raising activities sponsored by the Advisory Board. If you wish, you may designate your donation for a particular piece of equipment if you donate 50% or more of the cost of that equipment. If you have particular skills or access to discounted building materials, equipment or appliances, let us know right away! You can also support the project by reaching out to other alums and helping them get back in touch with camp. Finally, help us reach full enrollment – recommend camp to kids and families you think might be interested.

Donors will be recognized on an appreciation plaque, invited to special events, and given commemorative, limited edition gifts, described at . Of course, donors may remain anonymous if they wish.

Will my donation be tax deductible? show

No. Camp is not a non-profit organization. You cannot claim the tax benefit available to donations made to non-profit organizations. But the personal satisfaction gained from helping Camp provide life-changing experiences to future generations of children and teens is immeasurable.

I’ve supported camp in the past through a gift to its Campership Fund? Should I give to the Campership Fund or the Kitchen project? show

The choice is yours. However, you should know that Camp has campership funds set aside for 2017. Completing the kitchen over nine short months is critical if we are to avoid disruptions to summer camp sessions, so we are all putting all our effort into raising a sufficient Kitchen Fund to make it happen.

Where can I find out more? show

Return to the Kitchen webpage periodically for updates, check Camp’s Facebook Page, and update your contact information so you’ll receive Campservations, if you don’t already. If you still have questions, please call Camp at (530) 628-5992, or send an email to We’d love to hear from you!

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