There are many wonderful benefits of living & camping on a remote mountain ranch, surrounded by forests, streams, blue skies & bright sunshine…

But cell phone coverage and lightning-fast internet are not among them! We do have satellite Internet & landline phone access. The US Postal Service and UPS deliver regularly, although overnight shipping is not available. For parents to communicate with their campers while they’re at summer camp, we recommend the following:

Mail & Email

We encourage all of our parents to keep in touch with their campers during the summer. Campers love to receive hand-written letters from home. The daily distribution of mail is a highly anticipated event. Counselors distribute mail everyday except Sunday during Rest Hour on the platform.

We also recognize that email can be a convenient and expeditious means for some families to communicate with their campers. We have arranged through to help us manage incoming “Bunk Notes” (emails). Learn more here about how you can sign up with Bunk1 to send email to your camper while they are at camp.


Our business phone line is in constant use during the sessions as we manage the many facets of running a ranch & summer camp. Although we recognize that there will be exceptions, we need to keep our lines available for business use. To that end, we request that you please call your camper only in cases of emergency.

Web Photo Updates

Our Facebook page provides a window through which parents may share in their child’s experience while at Camp Trinity. At regular intervals throughout the sessions we will collect photographs documenting the adventures campers are having & post them to our page. If you have a Facebook account, then become a ‘fan’ of the Bar 717 Ranch page and you’ll receive a notice every time we post something new. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still see the Bar 717 Ranch albums.

The Internet is a wonderful tool for connecting people. We hope this service gives parents and families a new way of learning about & participating in their camper’s experience. The magic & immediacy of digital cameras and the broad availability of the Internet make this possible.

Communication with Camp Directors

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Camp Directors about any concerns they may have relating to their child’s Camp experience. Parents will receive a card of introduction from their camper’s counselor at the beginning of the session. In addition, at the end of each camper’s time at Camp, our counselors will write parents a letter about their child’s experience at Camp Trinity.