Parent Testimonials

"We picked up two very happy campers awhile ago, and they immediately announced that they couldn't wait to come back next summer!... We couldn't have two more different kids, and each of them found people to connect with, and activities to enjoy--what a lovely occurrence."  - Susie, parent

“Thank you so much for enlivening my daughter’s life, as you always do. Each year she comes back from the Bar 717 happy, healthy, and full of confidence!”  - Becky, parent

“Thank you for providing such a great place for a child to grow.”  - Peter, parent

“Just wanted to say thanks to all the staff at the Bar 717. Our daughter had an absolutely terrific time at camp this past session. It was, she said, the best thing she has ever done—a total blast. So, you’ll probably see her again next year…”  - Katherine, parent

“The Bar 717 Ranch was beautiful. Your management style has given (our daughter) and other children a sense of belonging, acceptance, and self worth. She always seems to gain something from camp, sharing and learning from a different group of friends and adults. The old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ seems so true. Thank you for being part of the village that cares about children.”  - Diana, parent