Staff Testimonials

The most rewarding part of working at camp was watching campers come out of their comfort zones, both within friendships and platform dynamics and in facing challenges out on the alps trips. At camp, many of my campers were shy for the first few days, and seeing them at the end of the session, with all of their friends, was a strong contrast. On the alps, watching campers who had never done long hikes continue through an uphill battle (literally) and reach a lake at the top was very rewarding. Also watching campers dare to jump off of rocks, swim in cold water, or even make dinner in the woods for one of the first times they’d done so was rewarding. I loved encouraging them and then watching them take on new things and feel excited and fulfilled afterward and throughout the trips. Returning to camp after all of the preparation and navigating whatever arose during the trips, and seeing how happy and accomplished the campers felt, was an incredible feeling."  - B. Sellers, 2015

Being a counselor was a wonderful experience and I am overjoyed that I had the opportunity to do it at the Bar 717.  I know it’s a choice I will never regret.  Everyone was always extremely supportive and positive.  It creates an environment in which anyone can thrive.  I plan on staying in touch with many people from the summer and as much as I travel I will see most again.  - B. Cenotti, 2014

I want to be a counselor at Camp because I love working with kids! My favorite thing about camp is… that kids are alowed to be who they are. All kids at Camp are accepted and encouraged to express themselves.  - KW, 2013

I am excited to come back to camp this summer, because there is no other place in the world like it! Last summer I came to the Ranch as a counselor without knowing a single person, and was pulled headfirst into the fun from the start. From sleeping under the stars and laughing with the campers, to learning the dances and trails to the best swimming holes, not a day goes by without having fun and learning how much you are capable of.

One of my favorite memories was on our last backpacking trip of the summer, when we trekked off-trail to our own isolated lake and spent the afternoon swimming between the warm rocks. We topped the night off with s'mores and singing, and enjoying our last night of having this whole mountain-world to ourselves.  - TJ, 2013